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Mission and vision


YMS envisions a society where the sustainable opportunities are ensured for the poor and marginalized.


Our mission is to evolve self-confidence among the youth, women, students and public for sustainable approach to livelihood through creation of awareness and income generating activities, career guidance, counseling and training programs etc. Equipping them through skill development programs, educating them for the welfare of society and by living as an exemplary in constructive work to their fellow being, wellness of society as a whole. Given an opportunity every individual have potential and skill which can be explored and developed for purposeful living and sustain society for more challenging responsibilities through a holistic approach and human resource development.

Aims and Objectives

1. To promote sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities through microcredit and self- help concept;
2. To facilitate sustainable agricultural practices for economic enhancement of small and marginal farmers;
3. To facilitate the flow of services, products and resources from the Government to the communities;
4. To develop sustainable human resources and leaderships skills;
5. To prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS through targeted interventions, community sensitization, advocacy and risk reduction services;
6. To provide appropriate and adequate care and support services towards general population, PLHIV, drug users and their co-dependent.
7. To safeguard and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.